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Quote from ‘A Brief Intellectual Autobiography by Charles Sanders Peirce’


Every sign is in a triadic relation to an object and to an interpretant, which is brought by the sign into a relation to the object similar to the sign’s relation to the same object. But it is necessary to distinguish between the object as it is represented by the sign and the object as it is in itself. It is also necessary to distinguish between 1st, the interpretant as it is intended to be determined by the sign, 2nd, the interpretant as it is related to the object, and 3rd, the interpretant as it is irrespective of the peculiarities of the sign and the object.

Peirce, 1983, p. 77; MS [R] L107
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This quote has been taken from Kenneth Laine Ketner's 1983 reconstruction of Peirce's 'Autobiography'. Ketner identifies the source as "variant pages" of the manuscript.

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