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[Lady Welby] reaches the conclusion that there are three senses in which words may be interpreted. She calls them Sense, Meaning, and Significance. [—] Sense seems to be the logical analysis or definition, for which I should prefer to stick to the old term Acception or Acceptation. [—] In the Second Part of my Essay on Pragmatism, in the Popular Science of November 1877 and January 1878, I made three grades of Clearness of Interpretation. The first was such Familiarity as gave a person familiarity with a sign and readiness in using it or interpreting it. In his consciousness he seemed to himself to be quite at home with the sign. In short, it is Interpretation in Feeling. The second was Logical Analysis = Lady Welby’s Sense. The third was Pragmaticistic Analysis [and] would seem to be a Dynamical Analysis, but [is] identified with the Final Interpretant.

EP 2:496-7
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