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Dictionary Entry | Posted 08/09/2015
Quote from "The Rationale of Reasoning"

I call anything “real” be it anything asserted, or imagined, or conceived, or any element of such assertion, image, or concept, or of whatever other sort it may be, if, and...

Dictionary Entry | Posted 06/09/2015
Quote from "On the Meaning of "Real" [R]"

What we can in some measure know is our universe in such a sense that we cannot mean anything of what may be “beyond.” But the Ding an sich is very different from my idea of...

Dictionary Entry | Posted 06/09/2015
Quote from "Letters to William James"

By mellonization (Gr. μέλλωγ the being about to do, to be, or to suffer) I mean that operation of logic by which what is conceived as having been (which I call conceived as parele’...

Dictionary Entry | Posted 06/09/2015
Quote from "The Rationale of Reason"

that circumstance is Real which is as it is whether one thinks that it is so, or not. That object is Real of which whatever is true or is truly...

Dictionary Entry | Posted 24/08/2015
Quote from "Grand Logic 1893: Division III. Substantial Study of Logic Chapter VI. The Essence of Reasoning"

The commodious and compact representation in our minds, or icon of our hopes about beliefs[,] is that there is something fixed and not subject to our wills called the reality, and that...

Manuscript | Posted 20/07/2015
Peirce, Charles S. (1893 [c.]). Nominalism, Realism, and the Logic of Modern Science [R]. MS [R] 860

Robin Catalogue:
A. MS., G-c.1896-1, 17 pp.
From this manuscript, 6.492-493 were published. Unpublished: scientific method and the solution of philosophical problems....

Dictionary Entry | Posted 07/04/2015
Quote from "Meaning Preface"

That is Real which has characters independently of what contrary or other characters any person or collection of persons may in any sort of idea attribute to it....

Dictionary Entry | Posted 07/04/2015
Quote from "Meaning Preface"

…Real is the proper contrary of Illusion, Delusion, or Figment, while to exist means, by virtue of the ex in exsistere, to act upon, to react against, the other things...

Manuscript | Posted 26/11/2014
Peirce, Charles S. (1909). Meaning Preface. MS [R] 637

Robin Catalogue:
A. MS., n.p., October 3-13, 1909, pp. 9-36, 27-30, 28-29, 31-36.
Tendency to guess right (but not necessarily on the first guess). Pure logic supports the...

Manuscript | Posted 17/09/2014
Peirce, Charles S. (1906 [c.]). Numeration. MS [R] 48

Robin Catalogue:
A. MS., n.p., n.d., pp. 1-20, with 44 pp., some of which belong to different drafts but many of which are rejected pages.
Definitions of “number” and “series.”...

Manuscript | Posted 15/09/2014
Peirce, Charles S. (1904). Second Definition of Ordinals [R]. MS [R] 45

Robin Catalogue:
A. MS., n.p., [1904], pp. 4-6; 19-22; and 1 p. (the number of which is missing).
Parenthetically: “As for the whole existing race of philosophers, say John...

Dictionary Entry | Posted 09/09/2014
Quote from "The Theory of Multitude"

The reality of a thing consists in its retaining its own characters quite independently of whatever opinion or fancy you or I or any man or generation of men may entertain...

Manuscript | Posted 11/06/2014
Peirce, Charles S. (1897-8). Abstracts of 8 Lectures. MS [R] 942

From the Robin Catalogue:
A. MS., n.p., n.d., pp. 1-33, incomplete, with variants and a single sheet entitled “Bifaria for 8 Lectures” (B8). The bare nothing of possibility logically...

Dictionary Entry | Posted 29/05/2014
Quote from "Answers to Questions about my Belief in God"

The word “reality” […] is used in ordinary parlance in its correct philosophical sense. It is curious that its legal meaning, in which we speak of “real estate,” is the earliest, occurring early...

Dictionary Entry | Posted 29/05/2014
Quote from "Minute Logic: Chapter IV. Ethics (Logic IV)"

Reality […] is a special mode of being, the characteristic of which is that things that are real are whatever they really are, independently of any assertion about them...

Dictionary Entry | Posted 29/05/2014
Quote from "Pragmatism, Prag [R]"

reality means a certain kind of non-dependence upon thought, and so is a cognitionary character, while existence means reaction with the...

Dictionary Entry | Posted 26/05/2014
Quote from "A Logical Critique of Essential Articles of Religious Faith"

Now, what precisely do we mean when we assert that any thing is “real”; in other words, what is the character which we mean, or intend to cause the person whom we address to believe, is...

Dictionary Entry | Posted 07/04/2013
Quote from "Letters to Lady Welby"

That which is such that something true about it is either true independently of the thought of any definite mind or minds or is at least true independently of what...

Dictionary Entry | Posted 09/03/2013
Quote from "A Sketch of Logical Critics"

For what is it for a thing to be Real? [—] To say that a thing is Real is merely to say that such predicates as are true of it, or some of them, are true of it regardless...

Dictionary Entry | Posted 09/03/2013
Quote from "The Fourth Curiosity"

But to say that a singular is known by sense is a confusion of thought. It is not known by the feeling-element of sense, but by the compulsion, the insistency, that characterizes experience....