News from the Charles S. Peirce Society

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News from the Charles S. Peirce Society

The Charles S. Peirce Society has launched a newsletter. The aim of the newsletter is described as follows: "Twice every year, we will send a short newsletter with information about recent Peirce scholarship and upcoming events. Much of the information for this newsletter has been borrowed from, and we thank them for permission to use it. The world of Peirce scholarship is vibrant and spans the globe. We hope this newsletter will keep you in touch with the work of your fellow scholars and Peirce enthusiasts. With growing recognition of Peirce’s important contributions to the contemporary philosophical and scientific landscape, the future of Peirce scholarship is bright indeed."

The web site of the Peirce Society has a new look. One of the new features is a newsfeed provided by Commens..

Apr 03, 2017, 15:40 by Mats Bergman
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