Keyword: Clearness

Article in Journal | Posted 06/10/2015
Stango, Marco (2015). The Pragmatic Maxim and the Normative Sciences: Peirces Problematical 'Fourth' Grade of Clarity
Article in Journal | Posted 17/11/2014
Colapietro, Vincent M. (2009). Habit, Competence, and Purpose: How to Make the Grades of Clarity Clearer
The article discusses the views of the philosopher Charles S. Peirce on habit as a central feature of human signification. It focuses on the connection between particular habits and the general...
Manuscript | Posted 08/09/2014
Peirce, Charles S. (1895 [c.]). On the Logic of Quantity, and especially of Infinity. MS [R] 16

Robin Catalogue:
A. MS, n.p., [c.1895], pp. 1, 5-9, 7-18, 18-20.
Several definitions of “mathematics,” including Aristotle’s and CSP’s. Mathematical proof and probable reasoning...