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Dictionary Entry | Posted 21/10/2015
Quote from "Man's Glassy Essence"

a person is only a particular kind of general idea. Long ago, in the Journal of Speculative Philosophy (Vol. II, p. 156), I pointed out that a person is...

Dictionary Entry | Posted 21/10/2015
Quote from "Logic and Spiritualism [R]"

Habit tends to coordinate feelings, which are thus brought into the order of Time, into the order of Space. Feelings coordinated in a certain way, to a certain degree,...

Article in Journal | Posted 25/11/2014
Weber, Eric Thomas (2008). Proper Names and Persons: Peirce's Semiotic Consideration of Proper Names
The article discusses the semiotic consideration of Charles Sanders Peirce on proper names. The author relates that Peirce's theory of proper names implies the concerns on social practice of...
Article in Journal | Posted 17/11/2014
Lane, Robert (2009). Persons, Signs, Animals: A Peircean Account of Personhood
An essay is presented that explores American philosopher Charles Peirce's conceptualizations of personhood. The author examines Peirce's semiotic account, which asserts a person is made up...