Keyword: Rationality

Encyclopedia Article | Posted 25/01/2016
Calcaterra, Rosa M.: "Human Nature and Rational Norms: Features of the Idea of "Sociality""

The current trend in philosophical thought, which blurs the line of demarcation between “deeds” and “values”, includes a restructuring in a pragmatic sense of the concept of rationality, one that...

Article in Journal | Posted 03/11/2014
Linde, Gesche (2013). Religion and Rationality: A Semeiotic Approach
The article argues that, contrary to New Atheism's claim, religion does not eo ipso violate standards of rationality, provided that rationality is understood in a non-positivist way. To...
Encyclopedia Article | Posted 06/05/2013
Burke, Tom: "The Pragmatic Maxim"

What is the pragmatic maxim? The aim here is to present in an elementary and intuitive way what the pragmatic maxim was originally intended to convey, at least in Peirce’s earliest statements, and...