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12/10/2018 Elements Letters to Francis C. Russell
12/10/2018 Critic Letters to Francis C. Russell
12/10/2018 Methodeutic Letters to Francis C. Russell
10/10/2018 Science From Comte to Benjamin Kidd
08/10/2018 Logic Introductory Lecture on the Study of Logic
08/10/2018 Instinct Miscellaneous Fragments [R]
07/10/2018 Real Letters to F. C. S. Schiller
07/10/2018 Science Nominalism, Realism, and the Logic of Modern Science [R]
28/05/2018 Habit Meaning Pragmatism [R]
09/04/2018 Critic On Signs [R]

Some Wit, Wisdom & Bewilderment

…there are men to whom nothing seems great but thought. In force, that which they admire and which interests them is not its exercise, but its Law. These are the Scientific Men. If we seek to define science, as it lives in history, and not merely to put it into an artificial pigeon-hole, we shall conceive it as that about which those men are busied. As such, it does not so much consist in knowing, nor even in ‘organized knowledge’, as it does in diligent inquiry into truth for its own sake.
The Chief Lessons of the History of Science