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Article in Journal | Posted 07/05/2016
Dea, Shannon (2015). Meaning, Inquiry, and the Rule of Reason: A Hookwayesque Colligation
Taking my lead from Robert Talisse and Scott Aikin's distinction between 'meaning pragmatism' and 'inquiry pragmatism,' and guided throughout by Christopher Hookway's...
Article in Journal | Posted 07/05/2016
Atkin, Albert (2015). Intellectual Hope as Convenient Friction
In this paper, I examine recent treatments of Peircean truth in terms of regulative principles or intellectual hopes, drawing on work by Christopher Hookway, Cheryl Misak, and Andrew Howat. In doing...
Article in Journal | Posted 07/05/2016
Howat, Andrew W. (2015). Hookway's Peirce on Assertion & Truth
Charles Sanders Peirce famously claimed that 'The opinion which is fated to be ultimately agreed to by all who investigate is what we mean by the truth' (W3: 273). Christopher Hookway has...
Article in Journal | Posted 07/05/2016
Kitcher, Philip (2015). Pragmatism and Progress
I distinguish two concepts of progress. One of them is teleological: we make progress by decreasing our distance from a goal. The other, I suggest, is pragmatic: progress consists in overcoming some...
Article in Journal | Posted 13/02/2016
Cooke, Elizabeth (2005). Transcendental Hope: Peirce, Hookway, and Pihlström on the Conditions for Inquiry
The article discusses the transcendental function of hope in thought and inquiry based on the theories of philosophers Charles Peirce, Christopher Hookway and Sami Pihlström. Peirce refers to genuine...
News | Posted 07/01/2015
The Idea of Pragmatism: Workshop in honour of the work of Chris Hookway


  • Albert Atkin (Macquarie University) – “Intellectual Hope as Convenient Fiction”
  • Shannon Dea (University of Warerloo) – “Hookway and the Rule of Reason”
  • ...