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News | Posted 24/01/2019
Pragmatist Kant

Volume 4 of Nordic Studies in Pragmatism, titled Pragmatist Kant: Pragmatism, Kant, and Kantianism in the Twenty-first Century, has been published. The book, which has been...

News | Posted 07/01/2019
Call for Papers: Pragmatism and Theories of Emergence

Call for Papers for Special Issue of European Journal of Pragmatism and American Philosophy

“Pragmatism and Theories of Emergence”

Guest Editors: Guido Baggio (Roma Tre University)...

Article in Journal | Posted 04/12/2018
Forster, Paul (2018). The Disunity of Pragmatism
Pragmatism is usually viewed as a unified school, movement or tradition. Lists of its most important tenets typically include advocacy of open inquiry, pursued with an awareness of human fallibility...
News | Posted 17/10/2018
Cognitio: Revista de Filosofia vol. 19 No. 1, 2018

Published by the Center for Studies in Pragmatism, under the Program of Post- Graduate Studies in Philosophy of the Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo (PUC-SP), Cognitio is a philosophy...

News | Posted 04/10/2018
Pragmatism and Evolutionism

Chair: Andrea Borghini(University of Milan).
Room 517
14:30 –14:50. Welcome Address by Rossella Fabbrichesi (University of Milan) and...

Article in Journal | Posted 28/08/2018
Auxier, Randall E. (2018). Eco, Peirce, and the Pragmatic Theory of Signs
This paper aims to consider Peirce and Eco’s approach to signs and semiotics in order to assess their relation to Peirce’s mature pragmatism. Both thinkers attempted to set out a truly general theory...
News | Posted 17/07/2018
18th International Meeting on Pragmatism

The Center for Pragmatism Studies (CPS) of PUC-SP, is now calling for submissions of abstracts for the 17th International Meeting on Pragmatism, to be held at the Pontifical Catholic University of...

Dictionary Entry | Posted 19/03/2018
Quote from "Draft of Nichols Review [C]"

…when a philosopher speaks of the ‘concept’ of matter, or the ‘concept’ of cause, or any other ‘concept,’ what he means by a ‘concept’ is a word or other legisign. Hence it has been...

Dictionary Entry | Posted 16/03/2018
Quote from "A Brief Intellectual Autobiography by Charles Sanders Peirce"

the doctrine of Pragmatism […] according to which every concept proper (as distinguished from a feeling, image, or percept) is fully interpretable in terms of...

Dictionary Entry | Posted 16/03/2018
Quote from "A Brief Intellectual Autobiography by Charles Sanders Peirce"

the principle […] called pragmatism, namely that an intellectual concept is nothing but a concept of a purpose that might be entertained under conceivable circumstances...

Dictionary Entry | Posted 14/03/2018
Quote from "A Brief Intellectual Autobiography by Charles Sanders Peirce"

the principle he called pragmatism, that is, that every concept (in contrast to qualities of feeling, images, experiences, etc.) is definable in terms of a...

Dictionary Entry | Posted 14/03/2018
Quote from "A Brief Intellectual Autobiography by Charles Sanders Peirce"

the doctrine he called Pragmatism, namely, that every concept (as distinguished from a generalized sensation, such as ‘red’) is equivalent to a conditional...

Dictionary Entry | Posted 12/03/2018
Quote from "The Basis of Pragmaticism"

…I have come to think that the common pragmatistic opinion […] is that every thought (unless perhaps certain single ideas each quite sui generis) has a...

Manuscript | Posted 12/03/2018
Peirce, Charles S. (1905 [c.]). The Basis of Pragmaticism. MS [R] 908; MS [R] 282(a)

Essential Peirce, vol. 2:
Many versions of a text titled “The Basis of Pragmaticism” are extant; they were written over a period of nine months starting in August 1905, and...

Dictionary Entry | Posted 12/03/2018
Quote from "Hume's Argument against Miracles, and the Idea of Natural Law (Hume)"

…a quarter of a century ago I was led to the doctrine and maxim of right thinking that, if we search out all the practical consequences of a conception, we have in their...

Manuscript | Posted 28/02/2018
Peirce, Charles S. (1908). The First Part of An Apology for Pragmaticism. MS [R] 296(s)
News | Posted 23/02/2018
150 Years of Pragmatism

The conference aims to advance understanding of the history of American pragmatism and its relevance to contemporary debates in philosophy, social sciences and humanities.

Questions to be...

Article in Journal | Posted 17/01/2018
Ramberg, Bjorn (2004). Naturalizing Idealizations: Pragmatism and the Interpretivist Strategy
Following Quine, Davidson, and Dennett, I take mental states and linguistic meaning to be individuated with reference to interpretation. The regulative principle of ideal interpretation is to...
Article in Journal | Posted 17/01/2018
Olen, Peter (2015). The Realist Challenge to Conceptual Pragmatism
Although commonly cited as one of the philosophers responsible for the resurgence of interest in pragmatism, Wilfrid Sellars was also the son of Roy Wood Sellars, one of the most dedicated critical...
Article in Journal | Posted 17/01/2018
Girel, Mathias (2013). From Doubt to its Social Articulation: Pragmatist Insights
In addition to providing a rebuttal of the “paper-doubts” of the would-be skeptic, pragmatists have also been quite responsive to the social dimensions of doubt. This is true concerning the causes of...