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News | Posted 22/07/2019
Call for Papers - Special issue in "Pragmatism Today" on "Action, Agency and Praxis"

Call for papers

Action, Agency and Praxis
Upcoming special issue in Pragmatism Today

Action is the central concept around which pragmatism pivots....

Article in Edited Collection | Posted 14/02/2018
Ambrosio, Chiara (2013). Iconic Representations, Creativity and Discovery in Art and Science. In: Creativity, Innovation, and Complexity in Science
Working Paper | Posted 06/02/2018
Potschka, Martin (2018). Peirce’s Concept of Abduction (Hypothesis Formation) across His Later Stages of Scholarly Life

The subject of this communication is Peirce’s ideas about abduction which is just one step in his larger scheme of evidence- based hypothetico-deductive epistemology. Since Peirce repeatedly...

Monograph | Posted 24/09/2017
Rohr, Susanne (1993). Über die Schönheit des Findens. Die Binnenstruktur menschlichen Verstehens nach Charles S. Peirce: Abduktionslogik und Kreativität
Article in Journal | Posted 21/12/2015
Brüning, R., Lohmann, G. (1999). Charles S. Peirce on Creative Metaphor: A Case Study on the Conveyor Belt Metaphor in Oceanography
Article in Journal | Posted 26/08/2015
Wheeler, Wendy (2014). A Connoisseur of Magical Coincidences: Chance, Creativity and Poiesis from a Biosemiotic Perspective
Semiotics, in the guise of the limited Saussurean semiology, has been widely used in the humanities and in cultural studies for the past 20 to 30 years at least. With the advent, nearly 20 years ago...
Article in Journal | Posted 25/11/2014
Kaag, John (2008). Chance and Creativity: The Nature of Contingency in Classical American Philosophy
The article examines the relationship between chance, creativity and ethics in the thesis by Charles Sanders Peirce on the development of tychism. It discusses the ethical implications of Peirce...
Article in Journal | Posted 03/11/2014
Andacht, Fernando (2008). Self y creatividad en el pragmatismo de C.S. Peirce: "la incidencia del instante presente en la conducta"
The article discusses the theoretical and analytical relevance of spontaneity, the basis of creativity, considered as a central aspect of the semiotic model of C. S. Peirce, through the study of its...
News | Posted 20/07/2013
European Journal of Pragmatism and American Philosophy 5(1)

New special issue on “Pragmatism and Creativity”. Editors: Giovanni Maddalena and Fernando Zalamea.

Encyclopedia Article | Posted 26/12/2012
Nubiola, Jaime: "Complexity According to Peirce"

In a world of ever-growing specialization, the issue of complexity attracts a good amount of attention from cross-disciplinary points of view. Charles S. Peirce’s thought may help not only to...

Encyclopedia Article | Posted 20/03/2012
Hulswit, Menno: "Teleology"

In this article, Peirce’s conception of teleology or final causation is discussed. According to Peirce, final causes are (a) general types that tend to realize themselves by determining processes...