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Article in Journal | Posted 23/08/2017
Ketner, Kenneth L. (1988). Peirce and Turing: Comparisons and Conjectures
Article in Journal | Posted 13/03/2017
Nesher, Dan (2002). Peirce's Essential Discovery: "Our Senses as Reasoning Machines" Can Quasi-Prove Our Perceptual Judgments
Focuses on Charles Peirce's theory of interpretation of the perceptual signs. Explanations for knowledge of reality; Evolution of cognition; Structure of perceptual judgments; Relations between...
Manuscript | Posted 22/08/2015
Peirce, Charles S. (1893). Book II. Division I. Part 2. Logic of Relatives. Chapter XII. The Algebra of Relatives. MS [R] 418

Robin Catalogue:
A. MS., n.p., 1893, pp. 350-372.
“If I have made any substantial improvement in logic, it is in the discovery of this manner of dealing with the imperfections...

Monograph | Posted 30/07/2014
Tiercelin, Claudine (2013). La pensée-signe: Études sur C. S. Peirce

Fondateur du pragmatisme américain, Charles Sanders Peirce (1839-1914) est considéré comme le logicien de ce mouvement. Il fut pourtant, tout autant que William James, un grand psychologue,...

Dictionary Entry | Posted 16/04/2013
Quote from "Our Senses as Reasoning Machines"

…no machine has been constructed that will deduce more than one conclusion; yet it has been shown that all possible general conclusions can be arranged in serial order and as soon as anybody...

Dictionary Entry | Posted 15/04/2013
Quote from "Logical Machines"

The secret of all reasoning machines is after all very simple. It is that whatever relations among the objects reasoned about is destined to be the hinge of a ratiocination, that same general...

Dictionary Entry | Posted 15/04/2013
Quote from "Logical Machines"

Every reasoning machine, that is to say, every machine, has two inherent impotencies. In the first place, it is destitute of all originality, of all initiative. It cannot find its own problems; it...

Manuscript | Posted 09/03/2013
Peirce, Charles S. (1906). Introduction to Existential Graphs and an Improvement on the Gamma Graphs [R]. MS [R] 490

From the Robin Catalogue:
A. MS., notebook, G-1906-2.
CSP wrote on the cover of the notebook: “For the National Academy of Sci. 1906 April Meeting in Washington.” Published,...