Digital Companion to C. S. Peirce
1902 [c.] | Peirce's Personal Interleaved Copy of the 'Century Dictionary' [Commens] | CP 5.13 n. 1

Pragmatist, n., in philosophy, one who professes to practice pragmatism. Thus Schiller of Oxford, author of Riddles of the Sphinx, is a pragmatist, although he does not very thoroughly understand the nature of pragmatism.

1907 | Pragmatism | MS 318:34

I reckon any philosopher who emphasizes the element of purpose in intellectual action as a sort of pragmatist; and so computed, the majority of the philosophical world today is pragmatist.

nd | Miscellaneous Fragments [R] | MS [R] S104

A pragmatist, as I understand it, is one who systematically strives to “swallow” (in Carlyle’s sense) the formulas, the phrases in which doctrines are dressed, and to assimilate the true meanings beneath them.